Plunge Bh

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    Plunge is good for you who want a lift from the side towards the middle. The underwire ends early between the bust and depending on your bust, the plunge may or may not create a gap. Most customers feel that our plunge models do not push the bust in a way that causes the bust to come together and create cleavage. V-neck bras like this are great under v-neck tops, even under other garments, both tight and loose. A plunge usually has no extra filling in the bra and is usually not experienced as making the bust bigger, as a push up can do.

    What is a plunge good?
    A plunge bra has a low cut up to give your bust a nice cleavage, and which goes perfectly with low-cut tops and dresses!

    Our range gives you the opportunity to choose from several different models so that your bra fits your needs. Several models that fit everything from small to large cups, bras that provide good support and give the breasts a nice and round shape.