Nursing Bra


    Experience comfort and support with our nursing bras collection, specially designed for new mothers. Crafted from soft, breathable fabrics, our nursing bras provide ease and convenience during this special time. With adjustable features and gentle support, these bras prioritize both functionality and style. Embrace motherhood with confidence in our nursing bras. Explore now!

    Which nursing bra is best?
    Every woman has her own preference for how a bra should fit. We help you find the style and type of nursing bra that suits you. We have everything from soft and thin bras to more robust cups that give a nice and round lift.

    How many nursing bras do you need?
    If you plan to breastfeed, you will need a few. If you plan to breastfeed early in your pregnancy, your bust will change shape until you have your baby. At a later stage, the bust will decrease as you will cut back on breastfeeding - therefore it is good to get an extra pair of nursing bras but also be prepared that the cup of the bust can change in the meantime! For more expert help or chair advice please visit our stores or call us on the number offered in the header.

    Can you use a regular bra when breastfeeding?
    Of course, there is no danger in using a normal bra, but you miss the advantage of buying a nursing bra that makes it both easy and convenient for you to breastfeed with a nursing button in the front. Nursing bras are to their advantage well designed to facilitate breastfeeding but also your comfort while you breastfeed. We strongly recommend investing in a nursing bra during breastfeeding, for both you and your baby's comfort. Our nursing bras also offer a very nice and Romanesque design.

    Nursing bra with underwire or without underwire?
    A nursing bra with underwire is not bad when breastfeeding. What is bad is having a bra that fits wrong or badly. Our nursing bras are carefully designed for an optimal fit for a wide variety of cups and circumferences. The most important thing is that the bra should fit well so as not to squeeze the bust - which in turn can lead to breastfeeding problems. We at La Leia are underwear experts and will be happy to help you find a nursing bra that fits you perfectly!