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    Dive into elegance with our women's swimwear collection. Immerse yourself in the perfect blend of style and comfort, crafted from high-quality materials. From flattering one-pieces to chic bikinis, our swimwear embraces confidence and ensures you make a splash with fashion-forward designs that complement every shape and style. Explore now!

    What type of swimsuit should I buy?
    When buying a swimsuit, you should consider that they stretch over time and in contact with water. We have different size recommendations for different brands, if you are unsure please visit us in store or contact customer service!

    What are swimwear made of?
    Conventional swimwear is made from a mixture of Polyamide fibers (nylon) and Polyurethane. The polyurethane is thin rubber threads that are woven into the polyamide fiber and make the fabric elastic.

    How long do swimwear last?
    For us, it is important that our brands are of good quality and last a long time! We have customers who tell us that they kept their bikini or swimsuit for years and that they still fit. It is not only important that they last a long time, but also from a sustainability perspective!

    How to wash swimwear?
    If your swimwear is missing washing instructions, we usually recommend a delicate wash program at 30 degrees or hand wash. If you are unsure when buying swimwear from us, just ask!